I love a solid bullet point document, supremely organized timelines, to-do lists, and the spur of the moment all at the same time

  • I've swapped my lifetime Starbucks addiction to the cost and time efficient K-Cup.  
  • My favorite moment of a wedding is that moment just before the bride takes her first step down the aisle. 
  • I am obsessed with my family.  
  • Ceremonies are the most important part of every wedding.  
  • Mattingly, our rescue puppy, is the greatest little thing we have. She is hilarious as well.  
  • Nutella doesn't stand a chance around me, therefore is it banned from my house per request from my waistbands. 
  • I had a crush on my husband for 2 years before we were set up. Super fate.  
  • I am definitely a bit of an undercover nerd.  
  • I have the BEST best friends. Each girlfriend is so different and holds a special spot in my heart.  
  • I LOVE champagne, and the moments in life that call for it. 
  • In my head I'm an amazing dancer, video proves otherwise. Conversely, I rock a mean shoulder shake.
  • My husband is the greatest person I've ever met, my love for him is more than I could express in a lifetime.  

Personally I believe the words "wedding" and "factory" should only be used together when such event takes place in an actual factory.