Angela & Steve

The Space

We all know how incredible the Lace Factory is, so here is a quick reminder of the spaces we are working with. 

Tablescape Foundations

For the Tablescape Foundations, we are proposing a nice and clean base. Let's start with a crisp white linen, adding our Copper Chargers, along with a tied napkin. The exact color of the napkin is still TBD, but we would love to see it with a torn ribbon, in a similar pattern to the ones above. We would then add some copper votives, and last but not least, have our table numbers displayed in an artichoke! As a reminder, these are the details that will be on EVERY table. The specific details per table come next!!

Centerpiece Inspo #1

For our 1st Centerpiece option, we are proposing a bit more of a traditional arrangement, similar to the one in the top right corner. With the base either being a vintage copper vessel, or distressed white washed wooden box, this would act as the foundation to the arrangement. Adding some Hydrangea, along with other mixed greens, such as Eucalyptus or Magnolia Leaf will not only add texture to the arrangement, but depth as well. For a pop of color, we are proposing to add some whole pomegranates, and possibly some soft flowers as well. We would love to see this on either 1/3 of the round tables, or on all of the round tables, if you decide to add long tables into the mix. 

Centerpiece Inspo #2

Centerpiece Option #2 would be for the next 1/3 of the round tables. We are proposing a "runner" made out of loose greens, similar to the ones used in Centerpiece Option #1. To the greenery, we would like to add a bunch of different layers and textural elements to add height and interest to the design. We are proposing a combination of vintage books, bud vases, and cut pomegranates to help achieve this look! If you decide to add long tables into the mix, we would take elements of this centerpiece, along with pieces from Centerpiece Inso #3 for those tables. 

Centerpiece Inspo #3

For Centerpiece Option #3, we are focusing on the twinkle. This set up would be on the final 1/3 of the round tables, or combined with elements from #2 to create the centerpiece for the long tables. We propose a similar base to Option #2, with the greenery "runner", but this time we would love to see some different copper terrariums and vessels, filled with twinkle lights. We see this centerpiece as having 2-3 vessels per table, along with the greenery, and of course, some more of those gorgeous pomegranates!!

Escort Card Display

So we know you weren't a huge fan of the herbs, which is FINE, but perhaps we can find a cute way to use the Honey Jars to display the guests seating information. Maybe a tag tied with the same hand torn ribbon, or a sticker? We can certainly play around and figure out what is the best way to display the Honey Jars as a dual purpose item - their escort card, along with their gift!! For the display, we are also proposing to add another vessel or two with some twinkle lights, just to tie into some of the guest tables. 


Ceremony SA.jpg

YAY for having a Chuppah custom made! We are proposing use a mix of greenery, hydrangea and possibly some additional flowers to help frame you during the ceremony. Something super simple, yet beautiful!