Thank you.

Every single day I am so thankful for everything I have in my life. Good Stuff, bad stuff (It makes me appreciate the good stuff even more), everything.

With thanksgiving here tomorrow I would like to make extra special thank you to the people and things that continue to make my life so surreal this past year:

Thank you to our troops to fighting for our rights, and to protect our country so we could live the American dream freely. Especially my cousin Anthony who I will miss so much this year while he is in Afghanistan and my cousin JD who fought in Iraq yet always a soldier at heart. 

Thank you to my family for bringing me up to have a good, honest and humble work ethic and being so understanding while I am MIA for so many events due to weddings and the pursuit of a dream.  I am so lucky for such a strong, loving and hardworking family and "inlaw" family.

Thank you to my puppy Matty  for greeting me at the door every single day, making me laugh and being the best cuddler ever and for being cool with a less than regular exercise schedule. She is overly compensated in bones and toys because of it. In fact, she should be thanking me. haha. 

Thank you to my very good friends Ashley + Chris from Ashley Therese Photography, they have and continue to inspire me on a personal and professional level every single day.

Thank you to that "tornado" that threatened to shut down Kaitlin + Marcus' wedding but never actually did. I think it actually made the wedding even more fun.

Thank you to Christina Morin of Celebrations by Christina and Georgia from Timeless Weddings for showing me the ropes in the wedding planning + coordination business. I wouldn't be where I am today without you. 

Thank you to my girlfriends that I rarely see but always stay in touch and still invite me out even though they know I can't make me. I love and miss you all. Chel - Get ready for your bday this year. ;)

Thank you to my fabulous friend Brooke from Brooke Allison Photography for all the advice and encouragement with the start up of my company. During our cocktail dates, we actually never drink because we are too busy talking. Bartenders love us. haha. 

Thank you to my assistants Megan + Adriane. for knowing what I am thinking from a look, to being in the stress pot with me during those crazy moments of every wedding, oh and sweating you tushie off with me, feet aching and exhausted without one single complaint. You gals are amazing. 

Thank you to my 2012 brides, who took a chance on a newbie and trusted me 100%. I wouldn't be where I am without you. Seriously.

Thank you to my already booked 2013 couples, working with you all already has been amazing and I seriously cannot wait for next year. Its going to be amazing. 

Thank you for the opportunity to meet and work with Stef from Photography and More  for telling me what's up and giving me unbiased honest critique that honestly makes me a better coordinator because of it. 

Thank you to the people who I didn't mention, it was amazing meeting and working with you and I can't wait for the next opportunity!! Honestly, every single person!

And thank you to my husband, who is my supporter and the most understanding, flexible guy I know. Who keeps me in check, understands who I am and most of all accepts me and only asks me to "adjust" my bad habits when it will make us better. I am more in love with you every single day  - you complete me. Ok, I just gagged a little haha, but in all seriousness you are the ying to my yang. hahah. Did it again. I love you!!!! More than words could ever describe in a lifetime. Thank you Nick!!! 

One thankful happy pup.
One thankful happy pup.

I am one lucky son of a gun. Thank you thank you thank you. xxxooxox

Until next time, (which by the way is way more regular!)


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