What New Business Cards Mean to Me. by Amy Cagginello

Ha. I was trying to think of a title to this post that wasn't boring, but still applicable. So I went 3rd grade essay style. I hope you laughed, I know I did. 

Tonight I picked up my FABULOUS new business cards from my long time friend (and inspiration) Colleen, co-owner of J.Papers & Co. out of Greenwich, Connecticut. I think it's pretty funny that these supa dupa thick gorgeous letterpress business cards are fancier than my wedding invitations. Oh how priorities have changed. 

photo (9).JPG

Having new cards means a few things:

1. I ran out, which is good because its a sign of success.

2. A fresh look for a fresh upcoming 2013 wedding season.

3. Time for an upgrade.

Working with J.Papers is awesome. Colleen and her business partner Jill have an AMAZING studio and retail store in Greenwich and are little "creative paper geniuses" if you will. They have been featured in some of the coolest places (Style Me Pretty + WellWed to name drop a few). If you are looking for fabulous, super creative, one of a kind wedding or event stationary, or just an amazing gift definitely check out their store. And head over to their Facebook page here and hit 'like'.  You won't regret it!

Until next time,