Wedding Vision: An Organizing Tip

When I did interior design, the best way to capture how a space will look and feel upon completion was to put together a beautiful story board with a sample of all of the finishes, fabrics, furniture and colors to see what it would look like all together. It literally told the story.

For my wedding I knew that I would need to do the same thing to truly visualize what my day would look like with the colors and details I wanted to put together. While Pinterest was available I opted to go the old fashion route and actually collect wedding magazines (Afterall, I would stare at them longingly at the grocery store before I was engaged) and rip out the pages I saw something I had to have. I would eventually cut out whatever it was that I loved and pin (with an actual push pin) to my corkboard.

The Actual Bulletin Board

I would pin things such as the rings I like, to flowers that were cool, to cakes and go figure a TON of white birch branches. Looking at it today, this board actually came together on my wedding day, because of it the look and feel was achieved perfectly. The bulletin board was easy enough to add or remove cut outs, based on how it came together when I would step back and just look at it while brushing my teeth, or researching various things. It worked out great and I highly recommend it.

About $739,578.00 worth of wedding porn right there.

There is nothing better than grabbing a nice hot coffee and a couple of wedding magazines to relax and enjoy being engaged.

Amy Champagne

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, we could grab a brew (coffee, tea, or beer - whichever) and preuse years worth of wedding mags.

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