What to Wear [WTW] to Weddings, Events and Parties

Ah Facebook. Yes it might be free to sign up BUT it is not free to avoid being photographed in the same outfit. Let's call a spade a spade here, if you are going to a wedding, a bachlorette or fabulous party and you spend all of that time getting dolled up odds are you are going to be found in some pictures of the night and subsequently tagged on facebook. Thankfully this is not the end of the world but I cannot deny the fact that I avoid it like the plague.

The problem is, when you have excellent (ahem, expensive) taste in clothes it is very difficult afford a knock your socks off outfit for every event in your social calendar to technically wear once or twice. Especially for events that are once in a lifetime, like your bachlorette party or bridal shower. I live in a cute coastal Connecticut town, and it has a pretty fun night life however if I went out and bought this insane Herve Leger bandage dress for $1,250.00 - 1. I would stick out like a sore thumb and 2. No one would forget about this dress, mostly because its pretty unforgettable.

Source: Rent the Runway

Obvi, I am not the only person with this problem because the very daring and intuitive Jenn and Jenny started the genius concept of

Rent the Runway.

A website that allows you rent the designer dresses that you salivate over when browsing through Nordstrom and Neiman's. Below is a David Letterman style list of the top 10 Reasons why RTR is such a great idea for your upcoming wedding, event or party:

10. For the price of (1) rental you receive (2) sizes to make sure it fits

9. Can't decide on one dress? No problem, for an extra $25 you could receive a second style in (2) sizes

8. The customer service is like talking to your best friend who genuinely wants you to look and feel awesome.

7. Their Facebook page always has updates on newest fashion trends + celebrities wearing the dresses they have available to rent.

6. As a Bride, there are a million places you could spend your wedding budget, buying a fabulous yet out of control expensive white dress isn't the best use of it, especially when there are so many rules about wearing white to specific events, i.e. your friend's wedding, bachlorette or shower. (No matter what, don't do it)

Source: Rent the Runway

5. Prices start at $40 for like a $400 dress and there are a TON to choose from.

4. Hungover the next day? Don't worry about taking the dress to the dry cleaners, throw it in the PREPAID envelope dirty, and drop it in a blue mailbox and you are done.

3. There are coupons all of the time through email and on their


page. Every Friday there is a new deal for their facebook fans.

2. Could you really put a price on looking like a knock out in an amazing dress every event of the summer? No. (I mean, I guess you can, but you get the picture)

1. Speaking of pictures, NEVER BE PHOTOGRAPHED IN THE SAME OUTFIT AGAIN. Perfection.

Note: This post was written completely out of my own opinion and not sponsored in any way. Give it a shot, you'll be addicted I swear.

Until next time when I harness myself to the desk chair to write a new blog post...

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