Other People's Weddings

Last night Nick + I attended an absolutely gorgeous wedding at Bridgewaters in NYC. The food was amazing (and abundant!), the venue was beautiful, and Nick and I didn't leave the dance floor until the music stopped. It was a blast AND it was the first wedding we attended as Mr. + Mrs. which was very special to me.

This wedding was different than every other wedding I have been to yet because I experienced it from a different perspective. I was married, my beautiful day has come and gone and rather than attending the wedding and thinking "ooo I love that, I want to do that for my wedding", I appreciated the time and effort the Bride and Groom put into their day, the decisions made, and all of their planning coming to life.

Every wedding has once in a lifetime moments that makes them so unique and special. There will always be that moment right before the bride walks down the aisle when it all becomes so real, the first time the bride and groom see each other, when they finally say "I do",  when that awesome song comes on, the doors swing open and the Bride and Groom enter the reception that  they planned, and more importantly dreamed about for so long. And perhaps my favorite, the first dance as husband and wife, and the song that plays for the whole room to hear as they witness one of the most amazing moments of their life transpire right in front of them. Sometimes (like while writing this post) I will play my friends and families first dance song and remember the feeling of excitement and sense of hope for the new couple.

Last night as I witnessed those great moments for our friends I couldn't help but remember the overwhelming sense of joy I experienced a mere 5 months ago. I kept turning to Nick and saying "I want to go back" but the fact of the matter is that I do go back to those special moments of my own when I witness friends and family say their vows, and their first dance, when a song that was played at my wedding comes on the radio, or when I get lost in the amazing photos captured that day, and every day when I look at my closet and see my wedding dress hanging and honestly wonder for a second if it would be so bad if I went to work wearing it?

To the Beautiful Future Brides: When planning your wedding, try to remember that these moments are what it is all about. The moments you make the transition to husband and wife, from daddy's little girl to the woman he raised you to be. This may be a good time to point out that hiring a day-of wedding coordinator such as myself, Amy Champagne, Bridal Assistant is a terrific idea to take care of the little details so you could enjoy these once in a lifetime moments without any other thought in your mind.  Also to hire an amazing photographer, at the end of the day all you have left is the memory and the photos and statistically speaking your memory will fade faster.

Below are a couple of great songs that bring me back to some of the most amazing moments of my friends and families' lives:

Love + Diamonds,