Champagne Toast of the Week: My Husband

This week's Champagne Toast of the Week goes out to my Husband.

This year has been an absolute whirlwind, between buying and renovating our house in September and October, our wedding in November, the holidays in December, our honeymoon and adoption of Mattingly in January and the official launch of Amy Champagne in February, Nick has been nothing but 110% supportive of every move I've made. Between his coaching + work schedule and my day job + Amy Champagne schedule the days of us sitting down for dinner together every night are pretty much non-existant. Nevertheless, Nick does not complain, he always picks up the ball where I left it and greets me at the door with a smile every night I get home late. He doesn't question me when I an carrying in Joanne Fabrics Bags, or Marshalls bags or even worse J.Crew bags, he doesn't get frustrated when out of the blue I tell him I'm going to redecorate the office - again. He just says "Do it up, Am" and goes with the flow.

When I was single, I would hear these cliches about meeting the right guy, and frankly I thought it was crap. I didn't believe that there was such thing as the "perfect guy" and I was constantly making concession after concession in my past relationships until I met Nick. With Nick everything is pretty close to perfect, he supports me, he makes me laugh, he helps around the house, he understands, he listens to me, he gets along with my friends, he loves my family and most of all he loves and respects me.

Launching Amy Champagne has been a huge change in our every day life, I don't think we expected for it to take off and be so successful as quickly as it is happening, and rather than telling me to slow down, he asks what he could do to help, (I frequently put him on check cashing duty - I think he likes that) He is the epitome of the right guy for me and I couldn't be more grateful and happy. I love you CM. Cheers to you and THANK YOU!!!!!

"You know you are in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams" - Dr. Suess

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