Amy Champagne: Finder of All Things

On my website I mention that I am a wiz (yep, a wiz) at finding things. In fact, my bfff Chelsea and I have a little joke that we are Social Network Investigators (SNI) because there is nothing that we cannot find. This investigatory nature of mine has helped me throughout life to be successful, sometimes nosy but most of all - resourceful. Here's a case and point example of a situation where someone says "I am looking for XYZ" and lo and behold, a mere 12 hours later - I found it!

Last week I had a bunch of gals over for a professional turned semi-stylized shoot for myself for some head shots with the wonderful and fabulous Brooke Allison Photography, Caitlin, one of my 2013 brides was doing hair and saw my giant "C" that I recently bought on , and said "I want a Giant 'E' for the wedding", being that is a flash sale site it wasn't as easy as going online and buying. 

photo (5).JPG

Nevertheless during lunch the next day, I popped into my FAVORITE antique store, Seymour Antique Co. , and sure enough, I found a Giant "E"! I sent a text picture to Caitlin, and she was ecstatic! I got her approval, purchased the unique 'E' that will be used at her wedding and away we went!

Here's a picture of the Giant 'E' in the future Mr. + Mrs. E's House:

photo (6).JPG

I could find anything. Keep this in mind when trying to come up with something super cool, outside of the box and different for your wedding!

Until next time!


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