:: Juice Cleanse Results ::

I'm excited to announce that I completed the Three-day juice cleanse found on The Skinny Confidential on Wednesday and I TOTALLY see results. I dropped 7 LBS, we'll see if after eating for a day or two if that stays off but more importantly the cleanse really helped me in a lot of ways. During the cleanse I was CRAVING protein at night, you are supposed to have only 6oz of protein however I had WAY more than that. I couldn't help it. It made me rethink the regular treat I would grab a Starbucks and the need for something sweet after dinner almost every night. 

I'm certainly not a dietitian, just a regular gal trying to keep up with my target market - who by the way are always in the best shape of their life when working with me in preparation for their wedding day - but I know that it's the little indiscretions that add up  and cutting the habit will make a huge difference and that's what the cleanse did for me. 

mmmm mmmmm Cheers!!

mmmm mmmmm Cheers!!

Nikki's results were great as well! She lost 4lbs! She used a blender, I used a juicer. Similar to my results, Nikki said she wasn't craving starches or sweets, that she had an overall smaller appetite, that it's made her rethink the foods she really wants and only wanted coffee but didn't need coffee. 

Overall we both had AWESOME results, I will say that the cleanse did not eliminate my craving for a Taste and See cupcake, but I will wait until tomorrow night to have one with my best friend for her birthday. What kind of friend would I be if I didn't eat cake with her?? 

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