:: Champagne + Taxes? ::

Yes there is such thing...

As an event planner there are so many facets to what I do. It's part creative, part logistics, part fun, part serious and part knowing the best of the best and sending my clients to some awesome vendors. Today's recommendation is not exactly targeted to your wedding, but rather what to do with your new filing status, your new home, or just making sure you get the most money back from our (sometimes) favorite Uncle Sam for that upcoming wedding. Up until last year I did all of my taxes and my hub's myself, on some free tax service online with a $10 fee to file with the state, dumb move. While I love a good DIY project, I'm not an accountant and I have no business doing my own taxes. Last year when I sat down to do our taxes after buying a house, getting married, depositing lots of wedding gifts I was terrified to see a negative symbol in front of my "tax return" - it's called "return" for a reason right??

Well, needless to say I X-ed out of that program and called Nick's college friend Frank Hammell of Bulldog Financial, LLC. Meeting with Frank was awesome, we went over Nick's W-2's, mine, our receipts from the past year, all of our "investments" namely deli's for Nick and J.Crew for me and went from there. Much to my elation Frank came back with a POSITIVE return that allowed us to make some more awesome "investments" (haha).

I would recommend my friend, tax guy, and financial planner Frank to anyone looking to get as much back from their tax return as they deserve, He's available (as in easy to meet - he has a super gorg wife btw) and very affordable, and smart move to make when dealing with the return you've worked the last 365 days for.

Here's his contact info:

Bulldog Financial, L.L.C. - Greens Farms, CT

 Bulldogfinancial@hotmail.com or Bulldog Financial, LLC.

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