:: Marriage Equality ::

I could honestly say that I never discuss my political, religious, or controversial views on anything publicly, as its just not what I like to talk about. And it is my constitutional right to choose to discuss the importance of colors, menus, and decor for an event rather than anything else. Seriously, ask my husband, it's all.I.talk.about., it works out because all he talks about is sports and together all we talk about is how cute Matty is....I digress...

However there is one "controversial" topic that I couldn't be any more passionate about, in fact I would scream it atop of a mountain if I could, but I don't have a mountain I have a blog (yes, that was an Anchorman reference) which is the topic of whether or not "gay" marriage should be legalized. I could proudly say that Amy Champagne Events WHOLEHEARTEDLY supports marriage equality, gay, straight, bisexual, it doesn't matter.

Every single person should be free to love openly, be happy and able to commit to one another and take advantage of all the benefits that marriage provides. I witness people commit themselves to each other for a living, and it is truly the most beautiful and meaningful act we get to do and should be experienced by all.

Can I get an Amen? :)

Until next time,