Hola Trenta.

Oh hey what's up long lost blog. 

I have been thinking of what I planned on writing as my birthday blog post for a long time. I'll be honest, I wasn't overly thrilled about the conclusion of my 20's. I was planning to write a long winded, most likely uninteresting farewell to the decade that literally made me who I am, but in light of recent events and the tragic loss of a pillar in the wedding community Eric Langlois of Raw Photo Design, I am reminded how trivial saying goodbye to my twenties actually is. Life is fragile yet beautiful and everyday and all 364 non-birthdays should be celebrated. 

To that end, I propose a toast - 

to my family, to my friends, to health and happiness (if you have those, you have wealth), to my husband, to my puppy, to my beautiful loving home, to my fabulous and exciting career, and finally to my 30's - looking forward to crushing this next decade without the whole "what am I going to do with my life" and not knowing who I am awkwardness. 


I'm off to chill at Brooke's pool and I'm going to bring the GIGANTIC Cookie Gram sent to me by my bfff Chelsea. One question Chel - would you send superman a basket of kypotonite??! 


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