Au Revoir Champagne Glasses + Chevron

I am excited and nostalgic to announce that Amy Champagne Events has undergone a rebrand. Chevron + champagne glasses are just not doing it for me anymore and I just cannot wait to unveil what I have up been dreaming about for SO LONG. It isn't that I don't love chevron, or champagne glasses, or my current website and logo but I have just have a vision how the company should look and its definitely different and I can't wait to share it. I've had the immense pleasure of working with the fabulously talented Nichole of  Coral Pheasant who has taken my sporadic emails, calls and meetings in between the nuttiness of wedding season as I try to articulate the look, the feel and how I see the company and she successfully took my ramblings and translated them into a fabulous, clean and fresh new look. She is insanely talented and I'm honored to have the opportunity to work with her on this project. The logo and associated design materials are amazing, like my new business cards that are "in beta" right now they are so hot. (You hear that Studio 1923? I'm about to out card you) Anyone who knows me knows that I am certifiably obsessed with phenomenal business cards and the last ones I had from the amazing Social Alchemy were just drool worthy if I say so myself ;) 

So with that, I propose a toast to chevron and champagne glasses - You've been the foundation to which I built my dream on and you've inspired the new brand but I've added a line (<--- that's a hint). It's been real, it's been fun and most of the time real fun but its time for a change. You'll be missed. 

This website is going dark on 10/3 with a new landing page up and the new website + logo will be live on 10/16! 

Thank you to my incredible friends and family for their continuous support, understanding and patience while I continue to live my dream, fortunate doesn't begin to describe how lucky I am.

The original &amp; revised chevron making its final appearance :)

The original & revised chevron making its final appearance :)

Until about two weeks from now!