{ The ACE 8 - Spring in Provence }

Before I joined the Amy Champagne Events staff, I managed a French bistro for 4 years, and came to love the idea of spring in Provence, and most things French. France is not only a beautiful, but is also a country that full of love! From the interaction I have had with the owners of the restaurant over the years, there has been this sort of “come as you are” feeling portrayed at all times. They want you to feel like you are at their home, enjoying a wonderful meal and enjoying yourselves while feeling relaxed and at ease all of the time. With that being said, here are 8 must haves for a Provence-style wedding any time of the year. 

:: clockwise from the left ::

1. Mix & Match Tablescape: The idea of mixing and matching place settings for the guests at your wedding shows that laid back French life style. It makes you feel like you are going to dinner at a friend’s house, instead of sitting down for a fancy 5 course meal, even though you might be. Use a variety of vintage plates and glassware to help create this feeling, but make sure you pick pieces with similar colors or styles to keep it somewhat cohesive. 

2. Lavender Bouquet: If you search for pictures of spring in Provence, you will be overwhelmed by the beautiful images of lavender fields. This particular region in France is so well known for this beautiful and aromatic plant. It is a MUST have for any bouquet or flower arrangement used to create the perfect Provence style wedding.

3. Wine Corks: Provence is one of the most well-known regions for French wine, so in one way or another, you should pay homage to this in your wedding. I love the idea of the wine cork escort cards. You can use an assortment of wine corks that are well known to the area, weather it is a classic Cotes du Rhone, or a light and fruity Rose!

4. Lace CandlesThe softness of lace around a votive candle illuminates the area in one of the most beautiful ways. The lace can tie into some of the design work on your plates, or even just add a little bit of extra romance to a classic must at your wedding.

5. Pernod Carafes: While Pastis is a traditional French aperitif, the anise flavor is not one that appeases to everyone’s palate. One way of incorporation this French classic to your wedding is by using these Pernod or Ricard carafes as part of your centerpieces. Add a flower or two and place them throughout the venue for some added French tradition!

6. Croquembouche: This cone shaped profiterole tower has become somewhat of a well-known French pastry. Although this may not be your idea of a “traditional” wedding cake, you can certainly have a small one made as a dessert add on for you and your guests to enjoy. And as a bonus, it’s the perfect sweet to have while dancing the night away, without using a fork or spoon (:

7. Mismatched Chairs: Here we are again with the “at home,” laid back feeling you are going for with your Provence inspired wedding. The different styles and colors of chairs you can use in your ceremony space, or at the sit down dinner, you feel more like you’re at a backyard picnic then a formal event.

8. Bistro Lights: The use of lights like these bring the feeling of “welcome home” full circle. Whether you connect them from tree to tree, or from wall to wall, you really feel like you are in a familiar backyard, enjoying a nice crisp glass of Rose. 

xo :: lindsey