{ The ACE 8 - Sunshine Through the Clouds }

As much as I love the peacefulness of a snowy day, sometimes I wish the sun would peek its rays out and stay! This time of year, weddings tend to be colored heavily by white, black and a darker winter color, but I think some brightness is just what we need to get us through the grey of winter. I love the idea of a wedding primarily done in white and grey tones and then just adding little subtle touches of sunshine to brighten it up. Although these colors could be used any time of year, here are 8 ways adding a little yellow to your classic grey and white winter day can brighten it up just enough.

:: clockwise from the left ::

1. Yellow Tie: Have your groom and his buddies wear a little splash of color to brighten up your day. Not only will they all look handsome, you pictures will have a little extra color added to them thanks to the men.

2. Circle Garland: This is an easy, fun way to bring a little brightness into your wedding. Having this displayed behind your sweetheart table, or above your dessert table, or around the dance floor adds just the right amount of color to any area that may be a little more grey than the others. 

3. Bridal Footwear: Whether you are wearing them under your beautiful wedding dress, or you have your girls wearing them, the idea of yellow shoes is amazing. Not only are they adorable, but they can absolutely be worn again and again after your wedding day. You can show them off in your pictures, or to your guests when your dancing the night away!

4. Invitations: I am a big fan of giving our guests a preview of what to expect at your wedding, and your save the date cards or invitations are a perfect way to do this. As you can see in this picture above, only a few words were highlighted, but it gives just enough of a clue for what they can expect on your big day!

5. Party Favors: Some brides and grooms decide to give a little favor to their guests as a thank you, and this is a perfect way to bring your sunshine in!  

6. Tablescape: So much can be done at a table to give your guests something to talk about. I love the idea of a grey and white palate to start off with and then adding little hints of yellow throughout. If it’s the napkins, chairs or centerpieces, this is a perfect addition to the simple grey and whites in your venue.

7. The Cake: Such a perfect way to add some brightness to your party. I love the idea of having a pop of color to add a little more to the design on the cake. I think that having just one or two hints of yellow on the cake is the perfect amount to get across the vision you are going or without being overdone. 

8. Flowers: At any time of the year you can find such a variety of gorgeous yellow flowers. This is absolutely a statement that you can easily make! By having your bouquets pop, you and your bridesmaids can quickly add some sunshine to your wedding. I love the idea of bright flowers against a more neutral grey or white dress!


xo :: lindsey



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