:: We. Are. Hiring! ::

Photo Credit:  Uplift Photography

Photo Credit: Uplift Photography

We. Are. Hiring! Dum di dum dum dum di dum!

That lil' jingle has been stuck in my head for 3 days now. We are so excited to announce that the search is on for a fabulous, hardworking, fun, and impeccably awesome intern to join our team this wedding season!

Below is a list of criteria of what we are looking for in an intern:

  • Hardworking!! We are constantly schlepping heavy and awkward boxes of decor and very often a lot of it! Basically we are looking for a schlepper with a smile. 
  • Fun  - We work hard, but we have fun! Our business is to create fun and memorable experiences for our clients - if we aren't having fun it shows so it's important that any candidate is in love with events and has a good sense of humor. 
  • Works well under pressure - With events and weddings there is not an opportunity for a "do over", everything must be perfect, 1st time around and there is often tight windows that we must work under. A perfect candidate will love and feed off the challenge and not crack under pressure! 
  • Punctual - This is a must. If you are on time, you are late, absolutely no exceptions. 
  • Motivated - Working a 14+ hour day on your feet is the norm. It's grueling but very fun work. The candidate we are seeking is ready to tackle the day and anything and everything it has in store for us. 
  • Must LOVE weddings - Cynical love haters need not apply. 
  • Must have own transportation
  • Professional - We uphold the highest level of decorum at all times. We have fun, but first and foremost we are organized, nicely dressed & groomed and professional. 
  • Bonus points if you think you are awesome, believe you are a good dancer even if you clearly are not, and appreciate a good cup of coffee or green tea. 
  • This is a paid position. ;)

Please send your resumes to Lindsey@amychampagne.com and we will be in touch. Please - no phone calls, Linds & I are talkers!

Looking forward to hearing from you!