BC / AC - A Behind the Scenes Glimpse of ACE

With wedding season upon us I thought it would be cool to share a little behind the scenes action with you all! Our clients invest in planners for so many reasons, some want the event of a lifetime to be designed and executed to flawless perfection, some need assistance with executing their vision, but regardless of why we are hired every client has one similar goal - they do not want to worry or think on the actual day. They unanimously want to enjoy every "little big moment" that make up their wedding day, and we couldn't agree with that sentiment more!

BC Mode with a beautiful, relaxed & confident bride.

Photo Credit: BSC Photo

That being said my assistants and I have a BC [Before Ceremony] and an AC [After Ceremony, or conveniently Amy Champagne] approach to a wedding day. As discussed in our final meetings, the timeline that our clients and their vendors receive contains all of the details needed throughout the day, the times associated to each line are goals and some are considered deadlines. Any one who has been a bridesmaid to a wedding without a planner knows the chaos that is sometimes [often] present the morning of. Who doesn't like their hair, who's dress doesn't fit, who is hungover from the night before, who's babysitter was late causing them to be late....and the list goes on. We know these issues are the norm and we prepare for them. We have a time on the timeline for when hair & makeup is supposed to be done, when the bridal party should be where & when, even down to when they should put on their dresses. Our approach to this, just like the entire day is to have fun, allow the client and the bridal party forget that there is a timeline and as far as everyone else knows the day is progressing naturally on time. 

The reason for the BC approach is because the ceremony start time is not negotiable. We are super cognizant about hitting every single time goal perfectly before the ceremony which sometimes makes us look like we are no nonsense. Which we are. Once the bridal party is down the aisle, my assistant and I exchange a high five, do a little dance and kick into AC mode. AC mode is like BC mode, just a bit more relaxed and "go with the flowish". The way I develop our timelines we have pockets of time stashed throughout the day, therefore if something runs over -i.e. a Monsignor went over the mass time by 15 minutes our day is a-ok. It won't throw the whole entire day off. Timelines are hugely important for a wedding day, every second of a wedding day must be maximized, the day must flow beautifully and when our clients look back at their day they remember it to be truly "The Best Day Ever."

AC Mode behind those church doors. 

Photo Credit: Uplift Photography

Until next time!