[The ACE 8 - Navy as a Neutral]

As we head into the summer season, I can’t help but get excited for long warm days spent out on the boat or at the beach.  My mind often drifts to wedding planning and décor when I am enjoying my time in the sun, and in turn, the wheels begin to run! I always find myself thinking about different color combinations for a beachy or nautical style wedding, and how we can find a way to make the general thoughts and ideas a little more unique. There are always the beautiful weddings done in the classic coral/tan and navy/white options, but I decided to look at the colors of summer a little differently this year. Instead of considering white, tan, or black as a traditional neutral for your beach/oceanfront wedding, I turned my focus to the color Navy. In this weeks ACE 8, we explored just eight of the many gorgeous colors that look amazing paired with navy, and some  beautiful and unique details that you can tie into your wedding, whether it is this summer or any time of the year. 

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1. Navy & Teal - This dynamic duo is an AMAZING summer color combination. The perfect mix of classic nautical with a hint of something new and bright! Have fun with these colors and use the teal sparingly but in bold ways, like invitations, bridesmaid dresses & guest favors!!

2. Navy & Yellow - I am personally a HUGE fan of these two colors together. The brightness of the yellow truly pops off of the navy background. I love the idea of having a very simple and classic navy & white wedding and then going crazy with amazing bright yellow flowers any and everywhere you can!

3. Navy & Lime Green - This is another great spring/summer color combo! I like the idea of a preppy early summer wedding at a yacht club or country club with these colors. You can have a lot of fun with the table arrangements and take advantage of the electric contrast in these two colors to make sure your guests are not sitting at just any table!

4. Navy & Lavender - The softness of lavender against the richness of navy creates a really beautiful color combination. Something about mixing navy with any tone of medium to light purple resonates a regal event in my mind. As I have said before, take advantage of the men in your bridal party and use them as a type of canvas to showcase your amazing style and color options! I mean,  what's better than a handsome guy in a navy suit with a little hint of purple? 

5. Navy & Coral - To me, the color combination of navy & coral is the new "Nautical" look. As much as I love a good, classic navy and red combo, there is something about these two colors that i just adore. I think that if you were to ask someone today to list 4 colors that they think of when you say  "nautical wedding", coral would be at the top of their list. The different shades of peach and coral look so beautiful against a flowing navy blue bridesmaid dress, and especially if that bridesmaid is standing with the sand between her toes!

6. Navy & Grey - This classic is one that I just had to make sure I touched upon! The simplicity of this look is something that you could see right off of the page of a J.Crew magazine! It is an absolute perfect color combination not only for that summertime wedding, but something that can be portrayed any time of year!

7. Navy & Gold - As simple as these two colors together might seem, I think it is one of the best color combinations EVER! I love the look of two rich colors working together and complimenting each other in a way such as gold & navy do. I could imagine a picture perfect sunset dinner being served on a yacht or a large dining room overlooking miles of ocean with some of your closest family & friends celebrating your wedding day surrounded by this amazing color combo!

8. Navy & Pink - There are so many shades of pink that look amazing with navy blue. You can go into your classic prep school navy and pale pink for a casual oceanside wedding, or explore into a deeper shade of the color for a more dramatic look. Similar to the teal, you might want to use pink a little more sparingly to not overwhelm your guests with a sea of bubblegum. If used in the right way, through flowers, and some subtle decor, you can create the perfect vision for your wedding day!


xo :: Lindsey


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