ACE Review: The Black Tux

A while back I heard about The Black Tux from one of my super fab brides, a Rent the Runway sort of speak for men which is of course is simply genius. Personally, its very rare that a group of groomsmen look polished and on point as a groom who may have purchased a custom tailored suit or tux for the wedding. Often the groomsmen look like they are en route to the prom with baggy, low quality tuxes, and resemble more of a refrigerator box than a dapper gentlemen with a suit jacket that is too big in the (circle one or all) arms/shoulder/chest/length. Its been a battle until recently that is. 

Enter: The Black Tux

After hearing about this California based company and having a black tie wedding upcoming up to attend with Nick I decided to give them a shot and the process and the result was sublime. Nick is a former rugby player with giant thighs, for real they look like those mini kegs you could find at the liquor store and finding pants that fit him well is a challenge often lost. When it comes to tux or suit rentals they either look like a flared yoga pant or those full length gaucho pants that were in style (for some God awful reason) at one point. Our experience with The Black Tux was anything but that. After filling in his measurements (obtained by a tailor) online we picked out a tux - The Notched Lapel Tuxedo - and some accessories, shoes, cuff links, a classic black skinny tie and boom, done. The Black Tux guarantees its fit which is awesome.

We received the tux in the mail a week before the event and it fit fabulously. everything is neatly packaged in bags and compartments, springs in the shoes to keep their shape. It was so wonderfully shipped that he could *almost* get away with not taking a quick iron to the shirt. Honestly, Nick never looked so good, better than our wedding day. I simply couldn't believe how wonderful the process was. 

From Nick's perspective, the suit was comfortable and stylish (ok he didn't say that but I did) and most of all the shoes were actually comfortable. Usually in rented suits men are struggling just as bad as the women in heels. 

I would highly recommend The Black Tux to anyone in need of a suit or tux for their next event, and as an added bonus Amy Champagne Events clients are privy to a coupon code for a special promotional price - just contact me for the code!

the black tux rental

All Images Courtesy of The Black Tux

Please excuse these awful iPhone photos and thanks Nick for being my model on today's blog and happy 7 amazing years together. I LOVE YOU!

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