Happy Anniversary to My Full Time Dream.

I looked the the calendar just a minute ago and realized that its officially been two years since I walked out the doors of my corporate job and into my dream career. I am simply astounded. Two years ago I was fired up with determination and my fingers tightly crossed that this was going to work. As Nick would tell you, I had grand plans of "answering emails on the beach on a Tuesday morning, just because I could", I thought I would work out everyday (or often at least), eat healthy, have a balanced dinner on the table for my husband all because I was going to have soo much time

Well, I'm happy to say that I could regain circulation to my fingers by not relying on luck to make Amy Champagne Events a thing, but I could confidently say I was way off on a few other things. For example, I've seen the beach twice (not counting vacation) since I went full time, one of two was Caitlin Cotter's beach wedding in 2013 (not exaggerating), I work three times as many hours as I did with my corporate job, I literally eat, sleep and breath weddings, projects, and the business. Non stop. We've put off having a family every year, I've made about billion sacrifices due to scheduling (family birthday parties and dinners, nights out with friends, evenings on the couch with the hub, holidays etc), and I definitely do not work out regularly -- if only typing burned more calories! 

Despite where I may have missed the mark of what owning and running a business would actually be like, I wouldn't trade anything I couldn't attend, a minute of my time spent, or one of the very many grey hairs acquired (right Marc?) for one day without my company. A long time ago I read a quote that stated that "Entrepreneurs work 80 hours a week to avoid working 40 hours a week" - from Lori Greiner. Let me tell you, 80 hours is a little light but truer words have never been spoken. I am honored to work with my incredible clients and their families creating their perfect day, I am borderline obsessed with the people I've met in this industry, some of which are my best friends. I love what I do, I love weddings and I couldn't imagine one single second of my day doing anything else but following my passion. 

Now for me that passion was to be an entrepreneur and to design and plan weddings, however you don't need your name on an LLC or Corportation to follow your passion. Whether its marketing, law, retail you name it - or as my dad would say "Whatever blows your hair back man" don't waste a second not working towards that goal. Life is too short to play it safe. 

The irony of this anniversary is quite intense, tonight I am working on the design of the Inn at Longshore Relaunch Party - the first venue I worked as a full time wedding planner and tomorrow I am showing Nick the new New York office for the first time. I never saw that one coming. I barely could guess where this company will be in six months, I could only imagine what the next year has in store! Well, of course we have some grand plans in works so perhaps I have at least a hint ;)

Thank you to my crew, you know who you are, I wouldn't survive without you all. Ok maybe I would survive...but without you there would be no point. 


A huge thank you to Will of BSC Cinema for my favorite movie montage ever!

Until next time,