Heather & Andrew

The Space

Here is a little reminder of the INCREDIBLE space we will be working with for your wedding. The White Barn at South Farms is absolutely gorgeous and is the perfect space to host your family and friends for your wedding! 

Additional Lighting For the Barn

Let there be light!! With a combination of Bistro Lights, Pin Spotting and Up Lights, there will be no shortage of depth and dimension to the lighting in the space. 

Tablescape Foundations

For the Tablescape Foundations, we are proposing a combination of all of the above. With the Farm Table as the foundation to it all, adding a simple cheesecloth runner. To this, a simplistic kitchen towel napkin will be added to every place setting, and topped with a little piece of bread, adding a personalized tag, which will also act as your guests place card. 

Centerpiece Construction 

For the majority of the tables, we are proposing a greenery based centerpiece construction. To this, we would love to add a combination of assorted bud vases, with different wild flowers, and potentially Cafe Au Lait Dahlias, along with some potted herbs as another layer of texture. Finally, we are proposing the addition of gold lanterns spread out along the table to add some warmth and another level of lighting. 

Middle Table Centerpiece 

Let's add some height! For the tables in the center of the room, we are proposing a little something different. Wanting to pay attention to the height in the space, we would love to see a larger centerpiece, with a similar construction to the ones above. Adding these "trees" will help fill the space really nicely, and add yet another layer of texture to the gorgeous room!!

Escort Card Inspo

For the Escort Card Display, we are proposing a combination of herbs and greenery to really connect the farm to table feel and vibe of the wedding. We would love to see a few different planted herbs, at different heights and depths creating a nice backdrop for the cards. For the cards themselves, we would love to see a clean edge square escort card, adorned with a sprig of herb, not only connecting it to the herbs on the table above, but bringing some of the farm right along with them to their dinner tables!

Cocktail Hour

Let's talk about these GORGEOUS linens! For Cocktail Hour, we would love to see these incredible linens on the tables. By bringing in just a few of these, they will absolutely pack a huge punch! By using the mix-match chairs that South Farms has, and popping a few of their Wine Barrels around the space, the look and feel of Cocktail Hour will certainly be setting the tone for what the rest of the night has in store for your family and friends!