Nick & Nikki Design Proposal

The Space

Here is a reminder of the style tent we are going to be using for dinner & dancing! Since we were able to adjust the seating & fit all of the guests under the one main tent for dinner [seen in the floor plan below], we are proposing that the secondary tent get butted up right against the main tent for dancing! 




Lighting in the Tent

Overhead in the main tent, we are proposing a bistro light installation. We can have the lights either concentrated and all meeting at one point, as shown in the top image, or have the lights follow the lines of the tent as in the image below. 


Ceiling Installation 

Let's get a boat!! We are proposing having a canoe hung over the center of the main tent, with flowers spilling from it! Not only will this be an incredible focal point as your guests enter the tent & enjoy their dinner, but once the wedding is over, you guys have a nice new canoe!!


Wall Behind Head Table

Can we say FOCAL POINT!! We are proposing to cover the wall behind the head table with pipe and drape, having the drapes pulled back directly behind Nick & Nikki to help hi light them. In addition to the fabric drapes, we would love to see a wall of greenery ontop of the drapes. This will help tie in the greenery we are seeing overhead in the Canoe, as well as throughout the additional decor, and even spanning throughout the property. 


Dance Floor & Behind Stage Detail

Hula Hoops Anyone? Let's create something really unique and eye catching for behind the band stage. We are proposing a combination of the two greenery hoop images from above, to be placed behind the band. Again, tying in some of the greenery from the main tent, allows the flow into the smaller tent to truly feel like a connection of the main tent. Additionally, we are proposing for some draping, seen above, tied back with greens, to create a welcoming entrance between the two tents. This would cover the main poles where the two tents are connected. and be double sided, so you get a warm welcome to both tents from either side. 

Bar Facade & Back Bar

We want to make this bar pop! We are proposing that the main bar be placed directly opposite the head table in the main tent. We would create a specialized front facade & back bar to help tie in the overall look/feel of the space. Additionally, adding a few of these super unique chandys above the bar will definitely help tie the whole look together. 

Tablescape Foundations

With the combo of the farm tables & the round tables in the main tent, we are proposing a few different set ups to make the most of the space. The lighter wood of farm tables will help make the wooden chargers pop! With the Gold Aztec linen on the round tables, we will be bringing in a lot of warmth & texture into the room. We are proposing a rich wine/burgundy colored linen napping to be placed at every seat. Additionally, we are proposing the natural wooden X-back chairs for everyone - with the swag detail in the image above on Nick & Nikki's chairs only. 

Long Table Centerpiece Inspo

Floral Garland is a MUST!! Loads of textures built into this greenery based runner will be a major focal point for the farm tables. We would love to se a mix of different greenery, along with a combination of beautifully budding roses, dahlias, and other seasonal goodies. In addition to the floral garland, we are proposing a mix of some gold lantern/pillar holders to add some warmth to the table as well. 

Round Table Centerpiece Inspo

For the round tables, we are proposing a super organic style centerpiece, in a gold footed compote. A combination of the same flowers from the  floral garland will be the focal point in these arrangements. We are also proposing a dark grey/blue candlestick to add height & a little more depth in color to these tables as well. 

Table Details

Above are some additional details we would love to incorporate into the tablescapes. A combination of the two style votive holders in the upper left hand corner will add some texture to the table and are very eye catching! A gold frame turned table number also adds some depth & dimension to the tables. Finally, we are proposing a textured paper to act as the foundation for the menu.



For the dessert room we propose draping on the ceiling & the side poles. I would like to put (2) 8 foot farm tables put together to create a giant, central dessert display...with the cake hung from the center over the table. I think we should keep the drapery closed then open it later in the evening as a grand presentation, also because we can't have the dessert out all day/night. 

Cocktail Hour 


Property Details

Let's light it up! We are proposing to bring different elements of light around the various areas of the property. On the water, we would love to see a cluster of floating LED candles, anchored down to assure they won't float away. We would also love to add some uplighting to specific trees around the property to not only hi light them, but also to add some much needed light as the night goes on. Finally we are proposing the addition of bistro lights throughout the walkways and the main areas of the property. This will allow for your guests to mingle between the lounge cocktail hour space, and the main tent/dance space as the please throughout the night. 


For the ceremony, we want to keep it simple yet stunning. A beautiful crochet wall will create the perfect backdrop for your ceremony. Adding more of that lush green garland will be draped along the chairs lining the aisle. We are also proposing clusters of candles in different size lanterns/pillars down the aisle to add some warmth.