Our Couples

We are so honored to stay in touch with our amazing clients by way of grabbing dinner/drinks, through social media, and just old fashioned texting/emailing! Our clients are everything that makes our company what it is, therefore it's only fitting to continue to feature them and their amazing & loving lives. 

To our clients: We thank you every single day for having us be a part of your biggest one. Your wedding does not end at clean up for us, we could recite almost all of your details at the drop of a hat even years later. We truly love seeing what you all have cooking, new jobs, new moves, babies etc. Reading these updates only brought into perspective how magnificent the people we work with are. We are and forever will be grateful for you.


Sean & Robb

Wedding: Spring 2014 | Weston, Connecticut

"Coming up on our 3rd anniversary and our kids 1st Birthday!! We still talk about how epic our wedding was"

Monika & Andrew

Wedding: Early Spring 2014 | New Canaan, Connecticut

"Following our incredible wedding in April 2014, we moved to southern California in August 2014. In October 2015, we expanded our brood with the birth of our son, Wilder. California is such a change from New England, but we couldn’t be happier with the weather, activities, and being so close to our family. Thank you to Amy and her team for starting this journey with us. Our wedding and celebration were truly memorable and beyond our dreams because of their hard work and talent."

Kim & Dave

Wedding: Late Summer 2016 | Deep River, Connecticut

" Since the wedding, we have been putting all of our free time into traveling the country, and the world - visiting new places and some old favorites. Even though we have been together for more than decade, after getting married we find ourselves falling in love all over again and enjoying this new adventure. Before our wedding, friends warned us that we would feel sad when it’s “all over.” To us, this is just the beginning and we think back on our wedding day, the start of it all, with complete fondness."


Rachel & Mike

Wedding: Late Spring 2015 | Groton, Connecticut

Following our most perfect wedding day in May 2015, we recently traded busy, NYC city living for quiet New Jersey suburb life! There’s a Benihana within 15 minutes, which was a non-negotiable requirement for Mike. We drive cars regularly - it feels really weird after years of subway commutes. Our two cats love the extra room, Mike has his very own office and I have taken over the entire basement with craft supplies. My Etsy store, Shoppe Winsome, has been keeping me busy with wooden countdown blocks and plenty of foiled signage for weddings. We are headed to France for a long vacation in summer 2017 – a first for both of us – and we’re over the moon to experience a new place, together! Two years in and neither of us have been snuffed with a pillow mid-snore… I’d say we’re doing pretty well! ;)

Erin & Ravi

Wedding: Summer 2015 | Beacon, New York

"Ravi and I currently reside in Stamford, CT and are loving married life. Ravi works in the insurance industry in Southport, and I'm excited to be starting my own health coaching practice this fall. In our spare time, we tend to travel a lot (next stop Hawaii!). We also love all things food and wine. This photo was taken at a cooking class we recently took at the ICE in New York."

Betsy & Dave

Wedding: Late Summer 2015 | Greenfield Hill, Connecticut

Shortly after getting married, Dave and Betsy traded their tiny NYC apartment for more space (read: closets!) in Fairfield, Betsy's hometown and site of our wedding. We feel so lucky that we get to live in the town where we got married. Every time we visit the church or our reception site we are immediately brought back to that unbelievably beautiful day!

Kait & Justin

Wedding: Late Summer 2014 | New Milford, Connecticut

"We are still living in the same little Brownstone in Brooklyn. Our apartment is about to get a little more cramped as we welcome our first babe this September. We still think of our wedding often. That day continues to be one of the most special moments of our story thus far."

Caitlin & Ryan

Wedding: Summer 2013 | Milford, Connecticut

"Since Ryan and I tied the knot in August of 2013 we entered parenthood very fast with a honeymoon baby to a beautiful girl, Addison in June 2014. Since entering this new and exciting journey as parents so much has changed in our lives. The amount we learned that you can love another human soul, that the littlest things can brighten your day, the constant laughter that fills our home on a daily basis and how holidays have truly come alive with magic. This September we will be welcoming a baby boy."


Sara & Chris

Wedding: Summer 2013 | New Haven, Connecticut

Sara & Chris are doing well, still living in Milford however a bit more sleep deprived than they were 3 years ago when they were getting married since the birth of their son Matt!

Ashley & Will

Wedding: Late Summer 2016 | New Canaan, Connecticut

"We've been spending the first year of marriage of traveling and became beekeepers this spring. We're continuing to look forward to the future and celebrating our first anniversary in September"

Tessa & Jim

Wedding: Summer 2016 | Middletown, Connecticut

"We just bought our first house in Monroe, CT and are super excited about updating it to make it our own. We're buried in boxes, paint samples, unsure of where everything goes quite yet - but loving every minute.Jim released another album this spring called "Acoustic" which charted on the iTunes singer-songwriter charts upon it's release, and also dominated the South Korean pop charts where he has a huge following (yes, he is a legitimate Korean pop star; he out-charted Beyonce last year. Can't make this [stuff] up.). He is currently planning a fall tour there. In a fun turn of events, the song we sang together and sent out as our Save the Date (called "Just To Be With You") was just featured on Days of Our Lives this month in two separate episodes. It was written into the script -- one of the new main characters is a singer-songwriter and they made it her song. Pretty awesome! Weird thing? The character's name is Tessa. I'm still loving my work as a Sr. Account Director for Motive , and am focusing on building our Spirits business. I currently oversee marketing strategy for The Macallan and Highland Park whiskies and we just won the Moët & Chandon business, which I am very excited about."

Christelle & John

Wedding: Summer 2015 | Norwalk, Connecticut

"We got married on a beautiful day in July 2015 and to this day - we still rave about how amazing the ACE team was in ensuring that every detail of our day was absolutely perfect! Fast forward to 2017: We happily welcomed our first child, moved into our new home, AND launched a design company [Aquarelle] all in the span of 3 weeks. We've always been busy bodies, going above and beyond the call of duty at work, and now prioritize soaking up every second with our beautiful daughter, Cora - who is growing too fast!"

Kerry Ann & Tyler

Wedding: Summer 2014 | Deep River, Connecticut

"Since our vows we've added the following stamps to our passport: France, Italy, Monaco, Costa Rica, Panama, Switzerland. Adding Croatia, Montenegro and Spain next month. Maybe Bosnia if we have time."

Liz & Joe

Wedding: Late Summer 2013 | Westport, Connecticut

"What we're up to now:

Lots!! We bought an apartment in Brooklyn Heights in July of 2015, the day after Liz gave birth to Bodhi, our son, on her 40th birthday. Zoe, our daughter, who was our favorite flower girl at our wedding, is a fabulous big sister. Zoe is now 4 and goes to preschool in our neighborhood. She loves to look at pictures and videos of our wedding and especially of her in it! We even framed her little headpiece made of baby's breath and it's hanging outside of her room.

We've been busy planning our kids' birthdays and other celebrations but look fondly back at our wedding planning days and remember how much fun and love we shared on our wedding day."

Katie & Nathan

Wedding: Summer 2015 | Milford, Connecticut

"Nathan and I just moved to a new condo in Dallas. He continues to teach AP history and economics and I’m working as a correspondent AE for Pacific Union Financial. We have a dog named Milford and we are looking forward to visiting family on the East Coast this summer."

Lucy & Ryan

Wedding: Late Summer 2016 | Milford, Connecticut

"We recently moved from Boston to Stamford - but other than that not a ton to report!"

Shanleigh & Anthony

Wedding: Summer 2016 | Stamford, Connecticut

"Since marrying in September 2016, we traveled to Greece and France for our honeymoon. We have moved out of Manhattan to start saving for a house of our own and can't believe it's been almost a year since our big day! We are forever grateful to the ACE team for putting together our dream wedding!"

Tina & Jeremy

Wedding: Late Summer 2014 | Rye, New York

"We are settling into life as parents and adjusting to the minimal sleep, but this little guy is super cute and it makes it all worth it!

I am still running the show at GC as the catering director and official chicken heiress :)"

Victoria & Stefan

Wedding: Winter 2014 | Farmington, Connecticut

"My husband and I have been married for about 2 1/2 years now. After our NYE wedding, we enjoyed marriage for a year and began what I thought was going to be a long process to have a child. After two weeks we were pregnant. We now have a beautiful 6 month old daughter who has no pictures on the wall because the wall is full of pictures of our KILLER wedding. "

Carolyn & Charlie

Wedding: Summer 2015 | Branford, Connecticut

"Last September Charlie and I moved to Thimphu, Bhutan to volunteer for a year. I'm working in the neonatal ICU and Charlie took a position as director of resuscitation and created a helicopter retrieval team. I included our current photo at Tiger's Nest, the most famous place in Bhutan!"

Natasha & Quentin

Wedding: Late Summer 2014 | Mystic, Connecticut

"We don’t do things slowly in the Peabody household! Engaged after 9 months, welcomed our first child 12 days after our first anniversary. Now we’re on to a new state, just bought our first home, and are embarking on new careers and we couldn’t be happier.

Vanessa & Chris

Wedding: Late Spring 2015 | Milford, Connecticut

"Holy cow has 2 years flown! While we think back to our "day" often, these days we think more often of the traveling (Key West, Cape Cod), Giants games, golfing excursions. After all, what is life but one grand adventure!"

Kathryn & Steve

Wedding: Fall 2015 | Fairfield, Connecticut

"Over the past two years the two of us have been keeping busy catching up with friends, traveling and experiencing new foods and wines. To date we have eaten our way through five different countries and plan to make it seven in the coming months. For us life is one big adventure and we cherish each and every new memory we get to make with each other."

Justin & Adam

Wedding: Fall 2016 | Groton, Connecticut

"After the wedding, we took an amazing honeymoon to Paris, South Africa and Mozambique. This spring we have been doing some house renovations and gearing up for 4 weddings this year!"

Kelly & Keith

Wedding: Spring 2014 | New Rochelle, New York

"Keith and I had a dream wedding, and a lot of thanks goes to Amy Champagne Events! We could not have asked for a better team to help execute and deliver the most perfect day of our lives! Since our wedding day, Keith and I moved back to Connecticut and bought a house in Stratford. We just celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary in April, and in October we are going to be Auntie and Uncle to a little boy!"

Jessica & Brittini

Wedding: Summer 2015 | Carle Place, New York

"Well it has been almost two years since our wedding, planned by the best planners in the biz. A lot has happened in those two years! Most importantly we bought our dream home and we are now expecting a baby boy in October!"

Leslie & Pat

Wedding: Fall 2016 | Redding, Connecticut

"We're living happily in Palo Alto with our rescue pup Willa. Hoping to move back home to CT in the not so distant future to grow our dog and eventually human family!"

Hope & Zach

Wedding: Spring 2014 | Fairfield, Connecticut

"Zach and I just celebrated our three year anniversary this month! Since our wedding day, so much has changed. Zach started with a new job in Oklahoma, so after our Costa Rica honeymoon, we packed up and drove across the country! A year and a half later, we welcomed our sweet baby girl, Lila, into our little family! We couldn't be happier!"

Angie & Jay

Wedding: Summer 2016 | Westport, Connecticut

"Jay and I are so thrilled to be back in Los Angeles, the city where we met, casually and serendipitously, almost five years ago. Right after we got married, we were forced to do long distance because of our jobs but thankfully we are together again, back in the city we love, where the sun always shines, grateful as ever. We hope to be parents in the near future. And though our happiest days are ahead of us, we keep looking back on our wedding as one of the most perfect days of our lives. Forever thankful to the ACE crew for making it so special."

Silvia & Todd

Wedding: Summer 2013 | Warren, Connecticut

"3 years after our beautiful wedding we welcomed to the world our Little Sweetie. It's been such an amazing journey and definitely our family is complete now!"

Jess & Dave

Wedding: Fall 2012 | Lyme, Connecticut

"Almost 5 years later and life seems to get better and better! One little man and another on the way. We look back and it only seems like only yesterday we got married. Time flies when you're having fun!"

Cat & Chad

Wedding: Summer 2013 | Mystic, Connecticut

"We can’t believe it’s already been four years since we had the pleasure of working with Amy for our Mystic Seaport wedding. We’re now living just outside of Boston, bought a house, adopted a second dog, and since we didn’t feel busy enough, we both started grad school programs. Although the time has flown by, and sometimes it’s a whirlwind, we’ll always have our incredible wedding day to look back on."

Amy & Rich

Wedding: Summer 2014 | Stratford, Connecticut

"Rich, Amy, and Rich III (aka Trey) are doing fab over here!! Amy's working as an instructional math coach in Branford and Rich is a cop. Living in Madison, ready for summer, and enjoying this little 6 month old. Life is so so good and we are so so blessed!"

Caity & MAx

Wedding: Summer 2016 | Waterford, Connecticut

"This summer, high school sweethearts Caity and Max will be celebrating their first wedding anniversary. July also marks twelve years of dating! Since their wedding, they took a minimoon in New Orleans before traveling to Thailand, have added a teddy bear puppy to their family, and have purchased their first house."

Ally & Doug

Wedding: Late Summer 2016 | Lyme, Connecticut

"After an amazing wedding put on by ACE, Doug and I are expecting our first baby, a girl, due in August. Looking forward to this new chapter in our lives. We think ACE should expand to baby showers ;) xo"

Melissa & Kevin

Wedding: Fall 2015 | Westport, Connecticut

"We're enjoying life the best way we know how: spending our days by the water, with our pup and with those we love - our growing families and our friends. We've been blessed to be able to travel as much as we can, from Hawaii to Italy and back. We celebrated our first anniversary in Rome and fell in love all over again. We are learning that life has it's ups and downs, but we can get through anything as long as we have each other. At the end of the day, the ride is so much more fun with your best friend by your side. Gandhi said it best: 'where there is love, there is life.'"


Stephanie & Stephan

Wedding: Fall 2016 | Chappaqua, New York

"We just got a puppy named Beaux and he is our baby right now. We spend our weekends at the beach or camping with him. We are living in Gainesville and I just started my Masters program and Steve is still working for the insurance company. We hope to buy up in [the tri-state] area some time this summer".

Caitlin & Tim

Wedding: Late Summer 2015 | Lenox, Massachusetts

"Tim and I got married in September of 2015. On May 2nd 2017 we welcomed our first child, a beautiful baby boy Connor James Wilson. We are tired and up to our elbows in diapers but love him so much! :)"

Emily & Frank

Wedding: Winter 2015 | Middletown, Connecticut

"In the year and a half since our memorable New Year's Eve wedding, we have stayed busy fixing up our new house, embarking on new journeys in our respective careers, and trying to get in as much traveling as we can. This photo is from our late honeymoon that we took to the Amalfi coast in Italy at the end of last year. In the more immediate future, we're hoping to take baby steps toward expanding our family by adding a much-awaited dog to our twosome."

Melissa & Jonah

Wedding: Summer 2015 | Clinton, Connecticut


"Jonah and I still say that our wedding was the best day of our lives. We're currently living in Milford in the house we bought right before our wedding. We love eating and drinking beer, which is how we spend our time when we're not working. Jonah got a great job as a Visual Designer at GE, and I'm still tutoring in Hamden."

Jen & Dan

Wedding: Summer 2015 | Westport, Connecticut

"Since getting hitched, we purchased a new house in the suburbs of Boston. We have also been lucky enough to cruise to a few amazing tropical destinations."

Lauren & George

Wedding: Winter 2014 | Danbury, Connecticut

"We are currently living in Jacksonville, FL, where George is stationed at Naval Air Station Jacksonville. He recently completed a 7.5 month deployment with Maritime Patrol Squadron VP-45. No kids yet but we have two wonderful rescue dogs in our new home that we built just after our wedding. I finished my masters last year and I'm currently working with children with autism in area schools."

Header Image Credit: Athena Blude Photography