What do you get with you pair the dynamic creative forces from the ladies of The Wedding Loft (TWL) with the easy-going-head-over-heels-love for each other of one of my former couples who were looking to do a Rock The Dress (RTD - Also known as a Trash the Dress, when you don't ruin your dress) photo shoot?

An absolutely beautiful rustic photoshoot with elements pulled from their amazing wedding day this past October. What an extraordinary evening it was, the sun was beaming all day, Brooke and I found a perfect location the morning of and with a little sleepy-ness (weddings the day before), excitement to work with Jess + Dave again, an opportunity to show off our creativity,  our loft and just having the four of us together and this was the outcome - Kinda Amaze: 

Photography Credit: Brooke Allison Photo