Steelpointe Launch Design Proposal

Blue Star Tent Detail with Arched marquee entry

Main Source of Lighting Detail - Bistro lights strung throughout the tent. 

Speciality Lighting: Two Substantial Clusters between the three poles of the tent. Approximately five baskets of different sizes and shapes. 

Outdoor Lounge Furniture will make up the lounge and sit on top of a sisal rug. The lounge will be complete with coordination pillows, throws etc., and for the coffee tables we propose crab traps with live crabs and a plexiglass or glass on top. 

For the high top tables we propose a nautical multi color striped linen with a solid navy linen for the tables with chairs. For the chairs we propose wood cross back chairs and finally we propose wood pub table as a high top alternative. 

For the bar facade, we propose custom reclaimed driftwood looking wood facades. Possibly painted with a white wash and mod thick navy blue stripe on the bottom. Additionally we propose the Steelpointe Brand burned into the wood. 

We are proposing small flower arraignments that consist of hydrangeas and lots of textual greens different style driftwood boxes with the Steelpointe brand burnt in. We also propose tall potted seagrasses and silver lanterns to layer the entry and perimeter of the tent. 


Cocktail Hour - Caribbean Vibe - 4-6 pm



Posted by Caribbean Vibe Steel Drum Band on Friday, October 26, 2012

Main Party - Parrot Beach - 6-8:30pm

(5 piece band shown - Actual 9 piece)

Song List

On the Marc - Catering & Bar

Gold Coast Tour