Amy Jones

Owner & Creative Director


I love a solid bullet point document, supremely organized timelines, to-do lists, and the spur of the moment all at the same time


  • My favorite moment of a wedding is that moment just before the start of the ceremony.
  • Call me a dork, but I 100% believe in fate. I met my husband surfing within a 36 hour window of being in Costa Rica at the same time. 
  • My family is this awesome mix of entrepreneurs, creators and caretakers. I've taken something from everyone, especially my parents and created my career as a wedding planner.
  • Ceremonies are the most important part of every wedding.  
  • Mattingly and Duke, my rescue puppies, are the greatest part of my life, my heart actually hurts when I am away from them.
  • Nutella doesn't stand a chance around me, therefore it is banned from my house per request from my waistband. 
  • I am definitely a bit of an undercover nerd.  
  • I have the BEST best friends. Each girlfriend (and guy friend!) is so different and holds a special spot in my heart.  
  • I live my life outside the box, the more unique the idea the more excited I get. 
  • Perhaps a tad cheesy, but I believe in romcom worthy love stories. 
  • Champagne is amazing, it used to be my cocktail of choice, but good craft beer is my love. 
  • In my head I'm an amazing dancer, video proves otherwise. Conversely, I rock a mean shoulder shake.

Personally I believe the words "wedding" and "factory" should only be used together when such event takes place in an actual factory. 


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Lindsey Anrico

Partner & Lead Planner

Glitter is my favorite color + I believe that everyday should be accessorized with something sparkly.

  • Although my college degree is in English + Secondary Education, my passion for helping people + being creative has allowed me the opportunity to have my DREAM job as an event planner. 
  • My family means the world to me + my sister is my best friend – although the process of planning her wedding has definitely tested that a little bit
  • Even though I played softball my whole life + in college, Hockey is my favorite sport! I have a serious obsession with everything + anything to do with the New York Rangers!
  • Helping people’s dreams turn into realities is what I love most about this job! There is nothing more rewarding than when a client sees how we took their ideas and helped make them come to life. 
  • Coffee & Ice Cream are at the top of my food pyramid + I don’t think I could survive without either one. 
  • My favorite moment of a wedding happens during the parent dances. The connection they have with each other allows us to see a different side to our clients + I love that they get the chance to share that with all of their family + friends.

The more outside the box an idea is, the more I want to make it happen, which is one of the things I love about working with our amazing clients!


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Courtney Rapport

Associate Planner


Our rescue pup Brisby is the best. I am totally crazy about him and he is usually the topic of my instagram 

  • I love to travel. I have back-packed Europe, studied aboard in Australia and traveled to other places like Thailand, Fiji, and Japan. I am always up for an adventure!
  • In 2014 I married my best friend and it was the best day ever!
  • I love a well organized plan but can also roll with the punches, it all depends on the situation. Sometimes its best to live in the moment!
  • Running the London Marathon was amazing!!...and painful!
  • Cilantro is my only dislike in life. 
  • People are often surprised that I am an only child because I am a "good sharer". I now have several siblings on my husband's side and I love the special relationship I have with them. 

My favorite part of a wedding is the split second right after the ceremony when the couple has their first private "ahhhh$%^!$% we did it" moment! It's such amazing energy between them of our happiness and excitement. 


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Alexi Stathakis



I’m a natural-born organizer... I straighten up the gum + candy in the checkout line.

  • I’m a junior at Fairfield University, studying Public Relations and Communications. I was lucky to start as an intern with ACE back in March 2015.
  • Before working for ACE, I had never been to a wedding!
  • My favorite part of being in the wedding industry is sharing the emotion + excitement with our incredible families… there’s truly no other job like it. 
  • My mom is my best friend. I don’t know what I would do without my family's love + support. 
  • People say I’m an old soul and I’m often called “mom” by my friends.
  • I have a slight obsession with tea. In my spare time, you can find me in bed, sipping tea, blogging about last weekend’s wedding.

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