Based out of Connecticut, New York, Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey, Amy Champagne Events is an event design & coordination company specializing in epic weddings & parties. We are fueled by the goosebumps from the greatest moments in every event - from the walk down the aisle, to a killer speech, to grandparents tearing up the dance floor. The most important element of a wedding is that it is fun – good food and great music is the foundation to every design we create. Designing a wedding for our clients is much like taking everything that makes them who they are and creating a space that thoroughly reflects them individually and as a couple, and as far as we are concerned - the more outside the box the better. Our couples crave different and fun weddings and we just love that, just like we love the ability to wake up everyday and work on the most incredible projects for the most amazing people ever.

Amy Jones

Owner & Creative Director


I love a solid bullet point document, supremely organized timelines, to-do lists, and the spur of the moment all at the same time

  • My favorite moment of a wedding is that moment just before the start of the ceremony.

  • Call me a dork, but I 100% believe in fate. I met my husband surfing within a 36 hour window of being in Costa Rica at the same time.

  • My family is this awesome mix of entrepreneurs, creators and caretakers. I've taken something from everyone, especially my parents and created my career as a wedding planner.

  • Ceremonies are the most important part of every wedding.

  • Mattingly and Duke, my rescue puppies, are the greatest part of my life, my heart actually hurts when I am away from them.

  • Nutella doesn't stand a chance around me, therefore it is banned from my house per request from my waistband.

  • I am definitely a bit of an undercover nerd.

  • I have the BEST best friends. Each girlfriend (and guy friend!) is so different and holds a special spot in my heart.

  • I live my life outside the box, the more unique the idea the more excited I get.

  • Perhaps a tad cheesy, but I believe in romcom worthy love stories.

  • Champagne is amazing, it used to be my cocktail of choice, but good craft beer is my love.

  • In my head I'm an amazing dancer, video proves otherwise. Conversely, I rock a mean shoulder shake.

Personally I believe the words "wedding" and "factory" should only be used together when such event takes place in an actual factory. 


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Lindsey Anrico

Partner & Lead Planner

Glitter is my favorite color + I believe that everyday should be accessorized with something sparkly.

  • Although my college degree is in English + Secondary Education, my passion for helping people + being creative has allowed me the opportunity to have my DREAM job as an event planner.

  • My family means the world to me + my sister is my best friend – although the process of planning her wedding has definitely tested that a little bit

  • Even though I played softball my whole life + in college, Hockey is my favorite sport! I have a serious obsession with everything + anything to do with the New York Rangers!

  • Helping people’s dreams turn into realities is what I love most about this job! There is nothing more rewarding than when a client sees how we took their ideas and helped make them come to life.

  • Coffee & Ice Cream are at the top of my food pyramid + I don’t think I could survive without either one.

  • My favorite moment of a wedding happens during the parent dances. The connection they have with each other allows us to see a different side to our clients + I love that they get the chance to share that with all of their family + friends.

The more outside the box an idea is, the more I want to make it happen, which is one of the things I love about working with our amazing clients!


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Courtney Rapport

Associate Planner


Our rescue pup Brisby is the best. I am totally crazy about him and he is usually the topic of my instagram 

  • I love to travel. I have back-packed Europe, studied aboard in Australia and traveled to other places like Thailand, Fiji, and Japan. I am always up for an adventure!

  • In 2014 I married my best friend and it was the best day ever!

  • I love a well organized plan but can also roll with the punches, it all depends on the situation. Sometimes its best to live in the moment!

  • Running the London Marathon was amazing!!...and painful!

  • Cilantro is my only dislike in life.

  • People are often surprised that I am an only child because I am a "good sharer". I now have several siblings on my husband's side and I love the special relationship I have with them.

My favorite part of a wedding is the split second right after the ceremony when the couple has their first private "ahhhh$%^!$% we did it" moment! It's such amazing energy between them of our happiness and excitement. 


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Header Photo: Crissorama