Down to the Single Digits in "The Countdown"

With one of my fabulous Do It Yourself Bride's big day approaching this coming Friday I am reminded of those crazed/anxious/excited/sad/hungry yet no appetite/every-minute-is-a-to-do-list few days leading up to my wedding. As you must know by now, my wedding was super DIY. Centerpieces, escort cards, escort card stand, 'Chandeliers" for cocktail hour, lanterns, garland with white lights and tulle...and the list goes on...everything was a project and everything had a place.  Even writing the instructions for [insert name] to get to [insert place] for getting said projects to said place was a project. 

Let's just say my to-do list, had a line item for another to-do list. 

Every morning when I woke up during those single digits, I kid you not, the sound from Law + Order went off in my head, followed by what day it was, and what tasks I had to complete. Don't get me wrong, all of these tasks and to-do's were organized and planned for, but it was "Go Time". 

The single days leading up to the wedding were so exciting I could hardly sleep [actually I wasn't sleeping], they were emotional [6 days more to be Amy J :(...], they were stressful [I have 3 hours to get my nails done, finish tying the programs, call XYZ and solve world peace, hell yeah I got this], they were a little sad [The day I have been dreaming about will be over in 6+1 days], but happy [The day I have been dreaming about is here in 5 days and a wake up!] but most of all they just straight up overwhelming. Everything is changing. You are getting ready to change your whole entire life, even if you lived together beforehand it is huge transition and milestone......even bigger than the wedding if you could believe it!

On the single days leading up to "THE DAY", enjoy the countdown, the stress and the emotions, it's all part of the process and its all normal. Call your girlfriends, and fiance and pop a bottle of champagne to celebrate oh, 4 days until the day. Why not? 

Shameless plug: Hiring a Day of Coordinator like yours truly, Amy Champagne is THE PERFECT way to keep the crazy stressful stuff to a minimum so its more celebrating less stressing. Now that's a reason to pop the bubbly. 

Love + Diamonds,


PS - Check out my Bride Jen's Blog about the ups + downs of planning a DIY wedding on a budget: I've truly enjoyed it and I think you will too! Only 3 days and a wake up until her big day!!