::Three Day Cleanse::

So Blog 1 of 2 today is not EXACTLY wedding or event related, but who doesn't want to rid our bods of toxins and junk, lose a couple LB's and have that (Circle One) evening gown/wedding gown/Bridesmaid dress/Awesome Weekend Outfit to fit a lil' better? I do, pretty much every day I have to change out of yoga pants, especially after I've worn said yoga pants for about a weekend and actually going to yoga wasn't even a distant thought. 

A few Instagram pics from when I tried this last month..I will succeed this time. 

A few Instagram pics from when I tried this last month..I will succeed this time. 

Right before holidays I was looking for a juice cleanse that was more substantial than cayenne pepper and lemon and something that was fairly short. Lo and behold I came across the 3 Day Juice Cleanse from The Skinny Confidential! I emailed Lauryn and she sent me alll the details, tips and tricks for a successful cleanse. My friend NIkki + Amy (who doubles as my 5am "running" buddy) and I are doing the cleanse Monday 1/14/13 - Wednesday 1/16/13. If you want to participate shoot me an email at amy@amychampagne.com and I'll set up a group email that we could check in with everyone else and you could have yourself a little juicing team, and I'm not talking about the kind found in the gym locker room. I will be posting everyone's results (with your permission) and experiences for the end of next week!

Step #1:  Lauryn from The Skinny Confidential was gracious enough to allow me to share this on my blog, so as a thank you PLEASE head over to her FB Page and hit 'Like'.  

Step #2: Read through Lauryn's super helpful FAQ's

++ Frequently Asked Questions:

+ I am making my juice at home; can I use a blender?

Any large juicer &/or blender works : ). Make sure it's large though- there's a lot to hold [ people swear by the Jack Kalanne Juicer ]. Keep the pulp too!

+ How much & how often do I drink the juice?

The cleanse is 64 ounces a day. You drink 8 ounces, every hour, for 8 hours, with a cup of water in between each hour. You can make the 64 ounces the night before or the morning of- all at once!

+ Let's talk working out:

I would have a glass of orange juice [ << real orange juice, like the 100%, no added-[junk] orange juice ] in the morning, if you're planning to workout while doing it. The only workout that I would stay away from is hot yoga. The temperature of hot yoga can be dangerous while cleansing [ w/ no carbs ]. 
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I try to workout all three days on the cleanse for an hour [ think: Pilates, spinning, hiking, barre classes, etc. ].

+ Explain the recipe!

 This is a 3-day juice cleanse. It's 3 to 4 veggies of each- depending on size [ for lemons: it's 3 lemons, juiced ]. Your veggies may be smaller than in CA., so if it doesn't make 64 ounces, add more veggies. The skins can be peeled on certain veggies, especially the carrots, beets, & the ginger root. On the apples, they should NOT be blended/juiced with the seeds; they contain cyano compounds, which are carcinogenic in high enough amounts. 

For things like parsley & lettuce, use about 3 heaping handfuls. Celery is 3 full sticks. No canned veggies, try to use all fresh produce. I like to start drinking the juice around 9 am.

I always add tons of ice each time I drink the juice. It tastes SO much better that way.

+ I am too busy to make the juices at home; any other options?

Yes. If you have a Whole Foods [ go to their juice bar ] or any juicing place around you, I would recommend choosing that route over making it at home [ it's annoying to deal with all the ingredients ]. 

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Suja!!! My favorite juice company ever. Read about it here. Until 1/13/12, Suja will offer The Skinny Confidential readers 5% off [ at checkout use the code: THESKINNY5 ]. Read all about theircleanse instructions here.

+ How often can I do it & can I take vitamins while cleansing?

I like to do it four to five times a year. Doing it too much will not shock your body as much. Vitamins are fine to take throughout the duration of the cleanse. Click here to see my vitamin cocktail. You don't really need them while detoxing though.

Step 3: Check out the recipe and juice breakdowns HERE

Step 4: Email me your results and go out this weekend in your skinny jeans!

Until later today.


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