:: Originality ::

 The countdown is on for one of the most exciting photoshoots I have ever done. Never have I ever been so inspired, so excited and so invested on so many levels to a photoshoot or a project in my life. The concept of this shoot is very true to my style and while the theme per se may have been done before the ideas associated that will be executed are totally unique and many very custom elements that will be used. 

Working on this project has only solidified what fuels my work the most: Originality and ingenuity. Whether an editorial photoshoot, a dinner, a wedding, or any other event it is my personal pride and expectation to actually think outside the box, provide original and different ideas that will wow guests but not necessarily add exorbitant costs. Granted not everything for an event could 100% original! I certainly did not invent the pocket fold of a napkin but every event should have something original, something that differentiates it from my clients' friends weddings, the wedding I did earlier in the season, or and this is a big one - what was trending on Pinterest. I once overheard a conversation at Starbucks two girls chatting about a wedding they went to that weekend, and she said "it was like a Pinterest wedding!" That to me is a bad dream. I personally try inspire my clients to take the idea they like and make it their own because that is what makes a wedding "their wedding". In fact, I very rarely go on Pinterest at all, I stopped when I had to think if my idea was original or if I saw it somewhere and that drove me crazy. As far as I'm concerned it's a blessing and a curse. I digress....

I cannot wait to share the images from a recent and the upcoming editorial projects that I have up my sleeve. I cannot wait to unleash a slew of new ideas on my 2014 (and 2015) weddings, and finally I cannot wait to keep beating to a drum I call mine, thinking beyond the box, pushing the limits and raising the stakes. Failure is the only thing to fear and if you don't bet big, you can't win big. 

I like winning big. Blame it on the need for immediate gratification if you must.

Have a fab & original Thursday

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