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Its the last day for Brooke Allison Photo week! I couldn't think of a better way to wrap up a great week than to interview the one & only! Enjoy!


AC: If you were in a real life Lost situation and all of your family & friends were on the island already who else would you hope was stranded with you: Ansel Adams, Jane Goodall, Karl Lagerfeld, Winston Churchill or Channing Tatum and why?

BAP: Well, considering I had to google who Jane Goodall was, added to the fact that I love a starched collar - I'd have to say Karl Lagerfeld. And if I have to be stranded on an island, at least I'll have a good pair of Chanel shades to rock. 

AC: At what point of your photography career did you have the "holy bananas, I am totally doing exactly what I was meant to do" moment?

BAP: The day that I quit my corporate job was the moment for me where I realized it was REAL ... I was finally doing exactly what I wanted to with my life. I'm grateful that I continue to have these "holy bananas" moments still ... gives me a chance to be thankful for finding something that makes me so happy. 

AC: Imagine you were the photographer at your own wedding - What would have been your favorite picture you took that day?

BAP: I would have taken a lot of photos of me and my dad - there aren't any in my portfolio and it's really devastating. It haunts me to this day that I didn't do a father/daughter dance (for fear of everyone staring at us) and that we don't have any photos together. On a less serious note, I'd also have taken a photo of my bridesmaids seeing me for the first time all dressed up. It's a photo I take now and I LOVE each unique reaction!

AC:List 3 short & sweet bullet pointed statements you would tell an aspiring photographer.


1) Don't compare yourself against other photographers. (It's bad for the soul.)

2) Shoot the things/people that make you happy. (Build a business around what you truly love shooting.)

3) Take time to recharge and refuel (I personally think a little r&r helps the soul and creativity.)

AC: If you could photograph any iconic wedding past or future what would it be?

BAP: John F Kennedy Jr and Carolyn Bessett. I was thirteen when they were married in a secret wedding and for some reason, I was captivated by it. Something about it being so private and intimate made me insanely intrigued.

THANK YOU BROOKE! To learn more about Ms. B, be sure to check out her website HERE

Until next time...have a great weekend!