{The ACE 8 - The Pattern Wedding}

As wedding planners, one of our main objectives is to create & execute the perfect wedding day for our clients. We encourage them to think outside of the box, as we often do ourselves, and really tap into their creative mind. Mixing & matching different patterns throughout your wedding is one way to be fun, playful & give your guests an inside peek at your creative side. Don’t be afraid to push the limits a little, and get a little playful with patterns. Here is a combination of 8 ways that you can integrate patterns into your wedding, mixed with a few things you’ll want to keep in mind when choosing which patterns to mix.


1. Color:  When selecting which patterns to use for your wedding, try and keep them within the same color family. It will make the combinations a little more subtle, while at the same time being distinctively different. 

2. Accessories:  Consider using different patterns in multiple ways throughout your wedding. Have your bridesmaids bouquets wrapped in assorted patterns that coordinate with their groomsmen’s tie. 

3. Bold:  Build your vision around one bold pattern. If you have too much going on, it tends to take away from the overall vision you are trying to achieve. 

4. Linens:  Have fun with mixing & matching different linens throughout your wedding. I am all for tables having an assortment of patterns. I would stick to a solid color napkin throughout, but pick patterns that all have something in common, but are uniquely different. 

5. Balance:  Make sure that there is balance throughout your wedding venue. Layer more modest patterns around your main focus print to keep it balanced. There would be nothing worse than a combination of prints and patterns that overwhelm your guests. 

6. Gifts: There are so many guest favors that can be customized to the newlyweds, why not have a little fun with it. Think about creating special flip flops, sunglasses or beer koozies with different patterns that your guests will always remember your wedding day by.

7. Theme: Think about the overall theme of your wedding when selecting patterns. You want to make sure that the prints you are choosing to use work well with the vision you are trying to portray. For instance, using stripes for a nautical themed wedding is a no-brainer, so select other patterns that complement the “nautral” stripe, but still compliment the overall nautical vision you are going for. 

8. Daring: Dare to be different. Make your wedding set you apart from all of the other weddings your guests have been to. Take chances with colors, textures, styles & maybe even a little sparkle. If you are questioning your decisions, think about going to a fabric store, and talk to an expert about some options. Remember to have fun with this, and let your creativity shine through!





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