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I met the man, the myth the legend, Will Talamelli some time last year when we crossed paths at a wedding. I knew of Will and his company prior to meeting because ACE & the amazing Matt Branscomb of BSC Photo have worked together a bunch of times on various weddings & projects over the last few years. Fast forward about 365 days and BSC Cinema & ACE have been crushing weddings and projects ever since. What I love most about Will's style of cinematography is how completely non-intrusive him and his shooters are, they request maybe 10 mins of solo time with the couple for the entire day and spend most of it working with the photographer and capturing moments as they happen which is EXACTLY what every couple should want. And the video absolutely speaks for itself - each video that I watch I am instantly brought back to the feelings of love and excitement that was shared on my couple's wedding day. Enough blabbing from me, meet Will:

CT Videographers Wedding

ACE: Super cliche question: What is your favorite part of a wedding cinematographer? 

Will: For me it's probably not what you think. I like the pressure of capturing the moment and the precision required. At a wedding you get one shot to capture the events as they happen, I get stoked on that high wire of getting one chance all day. Even when I do solo work with the couple I try to get it in one shot so they aren't bored and they can enjoy their day. I also make a conscious effort not to recycle my shot list at weddings to keep the videos unique, it's so much harder to work that way but I love the challenge. Also meeting new people, going new places and making new industry friends who usually are camera nerds just like me is always a plus to the industry.

ACE: Glad that is out of the way: Briefly list your top 3 favorite movie scenes and why. [briefly]


1. The Wolfe "Pulp Fiction" It's ten minutes of perfection and exactly what the movie needed. I laugh my ass off every time I watch it and at the same time find myself wanting to be him. Also, Harvey Keitel is the ultimate male period end of story. 

2.Let me tell you about my boat. "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou." I am so intrigued by anything that is signature and this scene is so signature Wes Anderson. The camera work is great, it's a one take shot which I am a big fan of, the colors are amazing I can keep going but you said brief. But most importantly the narration is genius. It's the perfect mix of narcissism and bitter self loathing, again this scene cracks me up. 

3. A little too nice. "Blue is the Warmest Color" I love this whole movie, the lighting, the colors, the acting, it's such an amazing story of passion. There is no happy ending, there is an accurate depiction of real heartbreak; it's an amazingly honest film. But the picnic scene where Emma describes her first date with Adele as "a little too nice" displays a tension and apprehension that everyone has felt, again so much honesty in the scenes.

ACE: Are there any parallels between being an incredible cinematographer and  a 4 Star New York Times rated executive chef?

Will: Absolutely, attention to detail is key in both occupations. It's what separates you from the next guy. Both professions you have to consistently deliver your best product every time you step up to the plate. And of course you always want to keep your customer happy and never lose your cool on the job. 

ACE: When you are not working weddings, or commercial gigs how do you spend your time?

Will: I'm a new parent and I love being a dad so I'm always hanging out with my daughter Adylae and my wife Mia. I'm just going to say it, I love bodybuilding haha I spend a lot of time at the gym. I still really enjoy cooking, even more now that I'm not doing it 12 hours a day. Going out to dinner, eating good food, drinking good drinks and laughing a lot! Best.

ACE: I personally cannot stop talking about the slow motion booth, could you explain the process and the guest experience as I am sure you could explain it better than I could. 

Will: Everything looks better in slow motion. So I break out a camera that records at 240fps which is ten times faster than real time,   we throw things, spray stuff, jump around, turn down for what and just act a fool and watch it all unfold in super slow motion, it's awesome! What really makes it is the edit, the slow fast slow fast is really pulls the viewer in and I have so much fun making them. Also, we provide props and direction so people don't go into it blind, we even throw so stuff in for extra motion or run a bubble machine, some fog etc. whatever it takes to make it look extra amazing!

THANK YOU WILL!! Be sure to check out his websiteFacebook, and insta! And while you are here check out some of his absolutely incredible videos from a few of our recent projects:

Until next time!