The best compliment I've ever received.

Oh hello blog, how I've missed you. 

We have a bunch of new posts brewing thanks to our new blogger on staff thank goodness. The 2015 wedding season has been booming and we are beyond words excited to share the incredible weddings and events that we have been fortunate enough to be a part of. 

The other day while at a cake tasting at the amazing Erica O'Brien Cake Design for our super fab October couple Kathryn & Steve and her parents, Erica asked if Kathryn had a pinterest board she would like to share and she looked at Erica and said "No, I have an Amy". And right at that moment my heart swelled with love, pride and appreciation. 

Thank you Kathryn, and all of my clients for trusting the vision and the process. You are all the apple of my eye and my motivation to keep pushing outside the box. 


Have a great weekend everyone!

Photo Credit: Charlotte Jenks Photography

Photo Credit: Charlotte Jenks Photography

Until next time,