Decor:Impossible - ACE Helping Out in Sandy's Wake

Nick and I were avid Restaurant: Impossible fans for a while before the show turned into the same thing over and over, showing the absolute grossness of the restaurants that we eat in all the time. For those unfamiliar: Celebrity chef Robert Irvine is sent into a failing restaurant to rescue it by revamping their decor, menu, employees and overall operating procedures to help them from failing. He has "2 days and $10,000" to do it - enter the impossible part.

Last weekend I had my own "impossible" situation come up with my friends at the fabulous Milford Yacht Club called in for help. Part of the wonderful appeal of the Milford Yacht Club is its 180 degree water views overlooking the water, which was exactly its demise during the recent Hurricane Sandy. With the dining room gutted and an event that Saturday night they were in need for some help to hide the 2 GIANT plastic enclosed walls surrounding the dance floor leading into the dining room.

Ready for the impossible part? I had one day and $300 to spend. What I set out to create was a softly lit wall covered in sheer fabrics with sheer panels and string lights. To draw attention away from the walls and create a bit of a warmer space I wanted to do something overhead to cozy it up. Initially I intended to purchase white tulle to do a little peak at the ceiling but that lacked color and the "oooo factor" that I was going for. Once at the fabric store I found the perfect fabric that changed the entire look: gray bluer seersucker- how yacht club.


After I grabbed some red and white fabric, a delicious craft beer, and ABC on demand I was cutting and glue gunning my Friday night away making red, white and seersucker pendant garland to hang.

Check out the before and after:

photo 1.JPG
photo 2.JPG
photo 3.JPG
photo 4.JPG

The best part? I spent less than $200 and nailed the deadline! A little outside the box creativity goes a long way.

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