The Greatest Pre-Wedding Workout Ever

Most brides want to look their best on their wedding day, after all she'll be looking at the pictures for the rest of her life and further more on the day everyone will be looking at her. The whole day. From every angle. Personally, I think that magazines, wedding websites etc put a little too much pressure on brides to "lose weight" before the wedding. Your fiance proposed to you the way you are, you certainly shouldn't change and you absolutely should not stress about losing weight, in fact if you do so "research" (no, I will not be citing this) shows that stress actually causes you to gain weight. 

That said, I would like to share with you what I believe to be the awesomest pre-wedding workout ever:


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Yep, throwing on a pair of Everlast 16 oz gloves, with hand wraps underneath for extra protection and badass status and burn some (more like a ton) calories while toning your whole body, namely your arms and abs by absolutely going to town on a 150 pound weight bag.

Frustrated that your contact at your venue is not keeping their promises? Call you Day of Coordinator to get involved and then hit the bag with a right hook. Drama between your family and your in-laws? A couple of jabs ought to help. A bridesmaid dress is on backorder? Maybe a little one-two punch get you past a breakdown. 

There are a TON of great workouts out there, but this one I find to be so awesome for relieving stress and frustration beyond the regular feel-good endorphins you experience from other workouts.

Give it a shot!! 

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