:: Happy Birthday to Our Perfect Mattingly ::

First and foremost, Matty was not born on February 17th, she was born some time in December, as a rescue pup her exact birthday is unknown. However Nick and I made the best decision of our lives to date by adopting Matty on 2/16/12 a day before our "dating anniversary" and what better way to keep celebration alive by honoring our little puppy.

Now that you understand the unnecessarily complicated back story on why we celebrate Matty when we do, Happy Birthday to our 2nd best friend in the world. The "lady littlehead of Rivercliff" that greets us at every door with a strong wiggle and super crazy tail wag whether its the front door, the bathroom door, the bedroom door, the garage door whenever we walk through it and are separated for any given time. The "puppet" that is the best cuddler in the whole world. My little princess in the pea (which was my favorite story as a little girl btw) who seeks the softest most fluffy surface possible to lay on. She has NEVER laid on the floor, seriously not once. Matty is the most understanding friend when you are busy, the most excited when you are home, a gigantic fan of runs and walks, an absolute HATER of squirrels, and a lover to her best friend next door Gomez and Bronx, our friend's pitbull/bulldog mix, otherwise known as the Italian Bulldog (I did not make that up). Matty has yet to meet an "indestructible" toy that she can't destroy and at her happiest under a blanket in front of her space heater. She is the best little girl and we are so lucky to have her in our lives.   

Happy Belated Birthday Matty!

Here are some Instagram Pics from her birthday this past weekend!

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