Vendors That POP! Robert Norman Photography

I've had the pleasure of working with Robert Norman several times over the last few years. When I talk to my clients about Robert I explain him in such a way that his work is classic and traditional but still has an element of fun, and having Robert and his fantastic team on the wedding day is just amazing. They are calm, quiet, and just a great energy to have around! The couples and their families are relaxed in front of Robert's camera and as a result he captures the most beautiful natural images ever that are completely timeless, not overly trendy with filters, effects and photoshop, just innately gorgeous. As Robert Norman Week comes to a close, we felt the best way to to bid adieu would be to interview the man, the legend himself with a Vendors that Pop! segment:

AC: If you were to photograph any wedding in the past or future who's wedding would it be and why?

RN: There is something special about photographing family members weddings, even though i know a lot of photographers who prefer not to do them. Theres is a level of ease since you know so many people involved and have a history with them.  So as corny as this may sound, I hope I’m alive and kicking when my godson gets married (he’s only 7!). Having seen him grow up I can only imagine what that might feel like, although I’ll bet everything will be out of focus as I’m sure I’d be a blubbering mess the whole day.

AC: Tell me about your incredible travels...where have you gone? What was the most inspirational place you've visited and why?

RN: Well I’ll tell you, weddings have taken me to some places I never imagined going to on vacation, much less for a work! I’ve had events in London, Ireland, Italy, Hawaii and The Caribbean. There’s something so wonderful about being somewhere away like that and photographing a wedding - it adds this whole other layer to the shoot. You’re trying hard to not only capture the event but the essence of the location as well, since it’s so meaningful to the couple. Hawaii was amazingly memorable for me. I had ALWAYS wanted to visit so couldn't believe I was getting the chance to go. I had a great rapport with the couple beforehand which made things even better (they changed their event from here in CT with 150 people to Maui with 20). They invited me to the rehearsal Luau, we had a casual shoot one day, we just hung out... it was just so great since I felt such a integral part of the whole event. The entire time I was asking myself “I wonder how I could do this here full time?…” It was a very memorable trip for me.

AC: My favorite question - If you were stranded on an island Lost style and you had to choose 1 celeb, 1 musician and 1 other person of any other background who would it be and why? (your family and friends are already there with you)

RN: Oh gosh—that’s a tricky one! I love Julienne Moore so I’d bring her since I think she’d be super-sweet to hang around with (actually I met her once after a play and she WAS really sweet). Then i’d bring Sting for musical entertainment since i’m pretty content with any tune he belts out. (Can you see it: “STING!! sing Message In A Bottle again!!!” Then he throws a pineapple at my head).  And finally I’d Bring Dr. Wayne W. Dyer with me for the calm and thoughtful insight he would no doubt impart upon the situation.

AC: In your career as a photographer, what was your A Ha! moment when you realized you were exactly where you were meant to be and following your dream?

RN: Honestly it was in college. I had started studying graphic design as I thought it was a way to stay somehow ‘art related’ but hopefully make a living (I’m practical that way I guess). We were required to take a photography class in which I had no interest. My Dad bought me a Canon AE-1 and I reluctantly took the class. This was back in the film days of 1912, but I still remember developing that first roll of film and watching a print ‘come alive’ in the chemical tray. I was hooked, switched as many classes as I could to become a photographer major (much to my design teachers dismay) and here I am still plugging away some 25 years later!

AC: What is your favorite part of every wedding? Is it the same at each event? 

RN: I really always enjoy the getting ready time of the day since it’s such a great opportunity for candid shots—everyone is so busy and distracted they really ignore you, which is great. There’s such excitement with everything that is about to happen. But what I REALLY love is when couples choose to do a the First Look. The anticipation and emotion is I think as exciting for me as it is for them when they see each other for the first time. I had one this year where the groom got so overwhelmed he started crying and he nearly got ME going- it was a really special one for sure!

Thank you so much Robert! We adore you and your whole team!

Until next week!