A New York State of Mind.

Image Credit:  Coral Pheasant

Image Credit: Coral Pheasant

At Engage!14 this past November while I was at a breakout session hosted by the incredible wedding planner Tara Guérard she said something that was like a bolt of lightening to my brain. Someone in the group asked why she has an office in Manhattan as she was based out of Charleston, and in her darling enthusiastic southern accent replied "Because that is where my clients are y'all!". Boom. Done. I had one of those time stopped, out of body moments and screamed out "OMG ME TOO!" in my head only of course. From that moment the idea was born and anyone who knows me knows that a thought simply has to cross my mind and its only a matter of time until the idea is a reality. 

From googling New York City office spaces on the plane home next to my buddy Dan/Shindig Lighting  to this morning I am over moon excited mixed with a ton of disbelief to announce that we have joined forces with some incredible talent with an Manhattan office. 

So excited to officially announce our second location:

315 W. 39th Street

New York, NY 10018


We are so thankful to Silk Studio for inviting us into their beautiful midtown space. Silk Studio is fabulously talented Manhattan and Westchester County husband and wife wedding photography team that occupied this office for over nine years and were looking to share the space with other awesome wedding centric vendors. And as a nod to a post I wrote in September, The Importance of Being Awesome, Ashley Douglass Events (a competitor! gasp) is the person who helped facilitate this union. A few weeks ago I mentioned my grand plans of obtaining a New York office to the amazingly talented Erica O'Brien for this spring and similar to the lightening bolt that hit me at Engage!14, she too had a moment of genius and realized NYC is where she needed to be as well. Just about three weeks ago she called and said that she thinks she may have found a space...and she certainly did!

Photo Credit:  Silk Studio

Photo Credit: Silk Studio

Thank you Silk Studio for inviting us into your beautiful space, we are so excited to be associated with such talented vendors such as yourself, Erica O'Brien Cake Design & First Day Films!

And of course thank you to my hub for always being in my corner and trusting my craziness. I swear I should capture the fear on video every time I start the sentence "Babe I'm thinking about doing XYZ" its pretty comical.